Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hands On Homeschool Blog Carnival Guidelines

I have really enjoyed the entries to the Hands On Homeschool Blog Carnival thus far. I have received a plethora of ideas and inspiration for my own homeschooling and I hope you have as well. The reason Kris and I started this carnival was simple. We found many resources in Blogland for the other areas of our homeschooling… book lists, nature studies, worksheets, lapbooking ideas… but very few resources and not a single carnival dedicated to actual hands-on activities.

This carnival is all about homeschoolers. All entries must be made by homeschoolers sharing their experiences with hands-on activities in their own "classrooms." It is an opportunity to step away from the books, flashcards and worksheets and dive into the unusual. We’d like to keep this carnival very specific to hands-on projects and not take away from the other wonderful carnivals that are already available.

Please consider your entry. Are you blogging about something that you have already done with your children? Does your entry reflect an activity that requires kinesthetic learning? If you answered "yes" to these questions then we want your article! I appreciate all the blogs out there that are full of valuable wisdom and advice for homeschoolers, parents and kids, I visit them often, however this is not the carnival for you if your entry comes from an advice-giving viewpoint.
A note on lapbooking. I love lapbooks! And I am so thankful that I can find lots of lapbooking examples online. If you have a lapbook you’d like to share with the Hands On Community, please make sure that it requires your children to do some hands-on work aside from the usual reading, writing, coloring or cutting in the process of making it or using it. Entries that focus on that one hands-on part of the lapbook are especially appreciated!

If you have a blog entry that you would like to submit to the Hands On Homeschool Blog Carnival click here to go to our carnival submissions page.

This page may be updated from time to time as needed.
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