Sunday, August 15, 2010

Stuff to Say

I've been talking to myself quite regularly lately.  Unfortunately it hasn't been publicly.  But really I do have stuff to say, just not enough time to say it in.  Here's what's coming up at Talking to Myself:
  • camping trip to Lake Dennison
  • remodel - our family comverts an office to a bedroom
  • Civil War reenactment
  • DH gets stitches and has a birthday
  • VBS - maybe...
  • more school prep stuff
  • nature
Yeah, hopefully I'll get to all those things.  Most of them require picture downloads and that takes time.  Right now I'm either climbing Mt. Washmore and getting the house back in order from our camping trip or spending my time with DH's parents who are here visiting for an extended stay.  Perhaps if I list the things I've been meaning to blog about here, I won't forget all the things I've been thinking about blogging about.

See you soon!

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