Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Student of the Week

Okay so this is partially to show off that my dear son made student of the week at our co-op and partly to share a little about something that seems to be working.  About a month ago, one of our Moms suggested we start giving a "Student of the Week" certificate.  Since this has been in place, our kids have been participating more, quieter when someone is speaking and helping out with clean up a lot more too.  I have been so impressed with the results.  It wasn't even our intention when we started it, that the award would encourage better behavior.  At least I hadn't thought of that, maybe the mom who suggested it did, but I didn't.  So I'm excited. 
I'm excited to see my son paying more attention in class and offering more to our discussions.  I was excited a few weeks ago when one of our youngest little girls stepped out and recited her memory verse without being anywhere near her mom, a great feat for this child.  I get excited every time I see one of the kids wash the table without being told.

It doesn't take much to incorporate either.  We have certificates and a bag of candy.  Each week the winner gets one package of candy of the mom's choosing and the certificate.  There are a few signs around the house that remind the kids of what we are watching for (cooperation, homework completed, obeying house rules, obedience, listening, humility etc.) and that's it.  Simple and so rewarding!

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Kris said...

Good for him!

And it's great that something you started had unintended GOOD effects (imagine that!!!)