Friday, November 11, 2011

Fall Photos

DH is repairing a problem with our back deck.  Over the years it has been lifting up on one corner so that this summer is was quite out of whack and my hubby felt the need to fix it this fall.  He pulled the stairs off and dug this huge hole around one of the legs.  I was so happy to see my son out there helping him dig.
Then just as soon as he had the hole dug, the next day it rained and the hole filled with water.  We didn't worry about it at first figuring we'd have dry days and he'd get it finished when it emptied back out.  It seemed to only dry up on days when he was working and couldn't get out to work on it.  Then we had a snow storm (in OCTOBER!) and one thing led to another and now here it is November.  

A friend was kind enough to lend his sump pump and a chain so hubby didn't have to wait for weather to cooperate anymore.  he was able to pump the water out and he now has the cement pillar out of the ground!  Now he just has to put it back together again.

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Shirley Ann said...

Great picture of your men together ;o) This is no small job! My husband rebuilt our entire deck himself just before we left South Africa. I am glad to hear that he finally managed to get your deck done! Thank goodness for good friends ;o)