Friday, September 9, 2011

Obedience - Authority and Bible

This was our first week back to KONOS co-op.  All the kids were thrilled to be back together and I was too!  We are studying the unit on obedience in Volume I this fall beginning with identification of our authority figures.  Here's what we did at co-op today:

  • Begin with prayer and pledge of allegiance.
  • Discuss the obedience of Abraham compared to the disobedience of Adam and Eve.  Who was wiser?  Why? (Page 82 Activity E)  Color pictures of Adam and Eve and Abraham and Isaac while discussing.  Also use this time to discuss proper obedience, who we should obey and how they did practicing obedience this week at home.
  • Students present reports on obedience (page 83 Activity H) including why they should obey, how and what they need to improve on.  Reports should express a personal testimony.
  • Discuss community leaders such as policemen, firemen, librarians and pastors that must be obeyed and make badges of authority.  (Page 83 Activity G)
  • Discuss authorities through history.  Explain the differences and similarities between various types of government: monarchy, totalitarian state, socialist state, communist state, republic and democracy.  (Page 83 Activity F)
  • Write the names of government leaders on slips of paper and have group prayer each child praying in turn for the name on their slip of paper.  Children should take home their slip so they can continue to pray for their government leader on a daily basis.  (Page 83 Activity N)
  • Bible sword drills.  Say a verse and have kids compete to see how fast they can find it in the Bible.  (Page 86 Activity D) We gave each child a pen with the books of the Bible written inside when they had found a verse just for fun and to give them encouragement to learn the books of the Bible in order.
We have co-op earlier in the day now so we broke for lunch in the middle which worked perfectly today since there was so much discussion.  Next week we are moving on to the military portion of the unit before we do kings and queens the following weeks.

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