Monday, January 3, 2011

Back From Christmas Break

Today was our first day back to school after our extended Christmas vacation.  It's always hard for the kids to start back up.  Actually, they just say they don't want to start school again, but come morning they are up and ready and we had a great day with little or no complaining.  I was well pleased!

Since our Konos group won't start back up until next week I thought this would be a nice opportunity to use one of our supplements for Social Studies or Science.  I had recieved a free copy of NASA's Journey to the Stars and it is just the right fit.  In December we had a guided visit to the observatory at Pomfret Academy.  (In the fall we had studied stars with our unit on explorers and the field trip was set up but had to be postponed because of cloudy skies.  We finally got to go!)  So this was perfect time to use the NASA curriculum!

Aside from our usual lesson work, we also had time for a half hour of crafts.  Another thing I wish we had more time for on a regular basis.  DS got to make this cute little frog thing he got for Christmas.  (I picked it up at Michael's for a dollar.  One of those no brainer projects with the peel and stick foamy bits placed strategically around a half egg shape so that when it's all done it looks like a frog.  DD got a mouse one too but she did it yesterday.)  DD made a jewelry craft she had gotten a while back.  It's the kind with the melty bits of plastic that you bake.  She made a necklace and a bracelet and there were a lot of plastic bits leftover so Mommy made suncatchers too.

I let them choose their own reading this week since we don't have a KONOS focus.  They did have a certain criteria they had to meet in their choices - had to be a chapter book, something they could finish in a week or less and something they haven't read before.  DS chose Martin's Mice by Dick King Smith and DD chose The American Girl - Kit series.  She may not get to all of the books this week but I am hoping she will get hooked and want to read them during her free time at night.  These young ones don't pick up books as often as my older DD has always done.  They like to read but it has had to be suggested up to this point.

So no pics today, just a brief update.  I hope all is well as you begin your new year of homeschooling.

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