Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fruit Salad Ghana Style

During the yam festivals held all over West Africa, the people eat and celebrate and generally have a great time similar to our own festivals here in the States.  They even make fruit salad very much like Americans do for our summer celebrations. 
This week while learning about the people of Ghana we made a delicious fruit salad. 
It was loaded with juicy pineapple and mango.  The kids also cut up chunks of banana to put in and sprinkled on coconut flakes.  The ingredient we found the most interesting was the tomato.  I didn't even know they had tomatoes in Ghana nor would I have thought to put them in a salad with other fruit.  The entire salad was tossed with a sweetened lime dressing.  You can find the recipe along with several others in A Flavour of West Africa by Alison Brownlie.   This was an excellent resource for young children (and their moms) with clear but brief explanations of the many people in the region.  It is not very in-depth but it will provide a nice overview.  I highly recommend it! 

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Phyllis said...

Boy, that looks yummy. I have added a link to this post on to my post about Medieval Africa.