Saturday, February 18, 2012

Testing Friction

When we are disobedient to our authority figures we add friction to the relationship. In January we spent time learning about friction and resistance in the physical realm and how that compares to friction in our relationships with our parents, bosses and teachers.
To conduct our experiment we built a small inclined plane and divided the surface into three sections.  The first section was covered with sand paper, the middle was covered with wax paper and the third section we left bare.

The kids selected three smooth stones that slid down the board at the same speed.  Then they tested the different surfaces to see which surface had the least amount of friction by starting the stones at the top of the board and releasing them at the same time.  Missy used a yard stick to hold them all up at the top and release the stones at the same time.  Once they had a good idea of which surface provided the least resistance they brainstormed to think of a variety of ways to reduce the friction.   

The items tested were plain water, vegetable oil, bar soap and then liquid soap and then I think some combinations of these four.  It got a bit loud, the kids enjoyed the 3-2-1 countdown to release the stones each time they tested a new lubricant.

This activity can be found in KONOS Volume I - Obedience on page 123 items H & X and we also combined it with activity KK on page 126, reading a prayer and discussing total submission to God.  Other activities for the day included having the kids pretend they were parents and write a list of rules for their five children page 137 item C and making a vinegar rocket launcher.  Sorry I can't give details on that activity, I was inside while they did it outside but you can find it in Mr. Wizard's Supermarket Science on page 28.

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Kris said...

How fun! The kids look like they are having a great time.