Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Carnival is Coming!

The blog carnival is coming, the blog carnival is coming!  Can you imagine Paul Revere running through the streets shouting that?  Ok well we all kow he didn't really run through the streets shouting anything.  We all know that but our trolley tour guide we had in Boston a couple weeks ago, he still tells people that.  And that wasn't the only thing he got wrong either and I never would have known it if I wasn't a homeschool mom, digging for the truth hidden inside every dusty book.

But so, the blog carnival reminder popped up at me today to remind me that I am supposed to be getting this thing together and I got a little excited.  I know, I've been MIA all summer.  Even Jimmie had to send me an email to wake me up when she was getting entries a month early.  (She'll be hosting next month and I hadn't updated the upcoming carnival hosts to show who would be hosting September so everything automatically went to her.)  So yes.  I let things go over the summer.  I can't be the ONLY person who has ever done that!  BUT it's September now, I'm all into school again and I can't wait to see what everybody is up to.

See you all real soon!

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