Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Time for a Haircut

My dd has been growing her hair forever.  Nothing more than a trim from mom once a year or maybe twice was all she's had since she was about 4 or 5.  So it's long but it grows SO slowly that she never wants to do anything major to it.  She loves the length of it and I do too so I understand.

You probably want to tell me that trimming the ends will help the hair grow faster.  I know.  In fact that is exactly what I would tell my daughter whenever I wanted to trim her hair.  I told her so much in fact that the day she decided to let her bangs grow out (second grade) she came home with the shortest bangs I ever saw.  So yeah, I guess I told her too much how well your hair grows when you cut it.

Anyway, she finally decided to get it cut by a professional.  And it came out beautifully.  We were both afraid and didn't want her to cut too much off.  But yet she was hoping for some dramatic change.  I'm not sure how you can have a dramatic change without cutting a whole lot off, or dying it or perming it or something crazy.  Dramatic or not though, it did come out very nice.

She had a little bit more a bang cut into it, the back rounded off, some LONG layers put in and about six inches cut off the longest parts.  The hairdresser said she couldn't bring the layers up too much or the bottom would look too thin.  It is much healthier now and rounds out so nicely whereas before the bottom had gotton uneven and she had a lot of dry ends.

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