Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Thinking Over the First Day Back to School

Monday was our first day back to school.  It went pretty well.  A few adjustments could be made but all in all I was very happy.  These year I scheduled in a half hour recess for my young ones.  It's so public schooly!  But I thought, what the heck.  That's one of the things kids love about public school so why not let them have it?  And I admit it did make for a nice break at 11:30 when they were already getting ancy.

My eldest dd was the only one who thought today did not go so well.  The funny thing is, she has been doing school work for a couple weeks now in a loose sort of way and has been managing fine.  But because I scheduled the day or perhaps didn't schedule enough of her day, I'm not sure which, I fouled her all up.  Really what I did was I left her morning open for her own design and I inserted myself in at 11am to help her with math and anything else she might need direction with.  She didn't have enough time and she used all her morning hours for reading when she should have kept much of that for after school homework type stuff. 

She is looking forward to a bright new start Tuesday and we have added some definition to her schedule to give her a bit of direction.  She will do her Bible, French and science in the morning followed by math (as much as she can) before I join her at 11am to help with trouble areas in whatever subject she wishes.  She'll do her KONOS subjects in the afternoon.  I hope it works better for her so she has a better schoolday. 

My little baby is all grown up doing her own thing in high school now.  She even moved out of her school bucket and had to set up a full shelf of her own this year.

Everything does look all neat and tidy in our little room though.  New beginnings are so refreshing.

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Dawn said...

It sounds like a good first day back. They do grow up so fast. Thank you for your comment.