Monday, September 13, 2010

It's Raining It's Pouring

But we aren't snoring!  This summer when dh's parents first arrived we had a particularly hot day with a downpour in the afternoon.  My kids immediately ran into the house and donned their swimsuits so they could run in the rain.  (I don't mind if they get their clothes wet but for some reason my kids prefer not to.)

After a bit of wild running around I suggested they get their toy boats out of the sandbox and float them down the stream in our side yard.  It is not a real stream.  It's only there during heavy rain but it does run quite rapidly down the hill.

This is where it really got fun.  They ran up and down the hill trying to get to the bottom of the stream before the boat did.  Sometimes they were so excited they didn't even go all the way to the top of the stream, they just started it somewhere along the way.  And most times because they were so caught up in the excitement they didn't even chance a glance to see their boat heading down river they just ran on.

Poppaw decided the stream wasn't deep enough and he helped it along a bit with a shovel.  Next thing you know HE was going back and forth to the stream.  Up and down the hill, fixing it here or there and saving boats that went too far and ran under the bramble at the bottom of the hill where the kids could no longer reach it.

Yeah, he was drenched too.  But he didn't mind, in fact he loved every minute of playing with his grandkids.

Here's a perfect picture to prove my point.  Their feet barely touched the ground during this terribly exciting event.  My neighbor's boy is out there with us and as you can see he's in midair.  Forgive the blurriness, they wouldn't hold their positions long enough to get clear pics. 

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Nikki said...

What a great memory you have given them! They will always remember the day mom let us dance in the rain with our swimsuits on!