Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day to Day

I love a good article about someone's daily goings on don't you?  Any time I chance upon one in a magazine I stop to read it.  Doesn't matter who it is.  I do the same thing online when I'm cruising my favorite homeschool blogs.  I mean we all do don't we?  Why else would so many people be blogging, twittering and myspacing if we weren't curious about what other people do with their time?

Sometimes it's all uplifting and I see things that inspire me to be a better homeschooler or a better mom or a better Christian.  And sometimes it's just funny to be able to laugh with another person halfway around the world over the silly things that happen in ordinary life.  But quite often I see things that remind me that we are all human, nobody's perfect and science experiments sometimes go wrong.

That's why today, I am bringing you a link to a day-to-day blog article from Deb.  Take a look inside the daily life of a homeschooling family at Dandelion House Homeschool.  You might find it even better than Facebook.

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Deborah Jean said...

Hey there Cherylin!

Thank you for sharing my link here! Glad you enjoyed our day-to-day post!
Happy Creative Homeschooling!