Saturday, October 23, 2010

The French Flag and More

We had a little extra time yesterday so I thought I'd have the kids make a French flag out of construction paper and then we could print out pictures of the French explorers we've studied this week and glue them to the flag.  Sort of a way to help them associate the explorers to their home country. 
Well we got carried away and they ended up making flags or coloring in printouts for England, Spain and Portugal too.  Portugal was a toughy.  My youngest made the green and red field out of construction paper but the coat of arms proved to be more complicated.  At first neither of them wanted to try and draw it out but ds quickly changed his mind and I'm proud of him for trying it.  He did a great job. We finished them out today by adding the flag of Norway for Leif Ericsson and the Italian flag for Columbus.
Next week we'll be reviewing all the explorers we've studied so I will print out labeled photos (or a name alone in the case of explorers with no pics) and have the kids play a game of it, matching the explorer to his home country.  Once they've pinned the explorer on the flag, they'll have to tell me what he "discovered."

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Elle said...

When we were studying countries, that was my favorite year. it was so fun. We did lots of flags and finding out about the culture. Now we are studying Rome which has some stuff that I find interesting, but I think my kids just think its ok. they always love hearing about Jesus and his birth (which is what we are currently studying). We will cover it again in a few years, but we had such really fond memories!