Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Egyptian Cake?

DD and her co-op mate started on Egypt last week.  For snack they didn't have any appropriate foods so they decided to make a cake.  Yum - has nothing to do with their unit but who cares.  Snack does not always have to tie in with the unit.  I'm ok with that.  Besides, they did frost a blue sripe down the middle to represent the Nile River. :)


Elle said...

We learned about Egypt last year. The kids did so many projects with that, I was all out of creativity by the end of it! That cake looks delicious! Great job girls :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Cherylin, Thanks for stopping by my blog - I am so glad you did. As you said, it is GREAT to find a fellow KONOS user. I have loved reading your blog. I have put you on my blog list so that I can keep up-to-date with all your adventures.
Blessings in Christ