Saturday, March 3, 2012

Doing the Bathroom Over

OK, so this has nothing to do with anything but I am ready to do the main bathroom over.  It's actually the kids' bathroom but also for guests when they can't use the half bath downstairs or if they're staying over.

It has been decorated with ducks for the past nine years so I'm really ready for an older person theme if you know what I mean. Hubby and I thought we'd do something to our own liking that would go along with the rest of the house.  Maybe some warm colors.  But when we mentioned our plans to the kids they all balked at the idea and asked for something "fun."

Now, I'm not the mom who is afraid to put her foot down but this is one of those things I really don't care that much about as long as I can get those ducks outta there.  So I agreed we could do something fun but not babyish since the youngest is about to turn 8.

But now I'm having a very hard time finding that something fun and colorful that is modern looking, not too young and gender neutral because I have a boy who has an aversion to flowers.  Any ideas people?

I'm desperate for your help!  I won't be doing anything major.  Just painting the walls and getting new decor.  No remodeling or buying of plumbing or tubs and such.  So if you have any ideas, PLEASE, link me, pin me, do whatever you can to get something in front of my eyes that is young and hip.

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