Thursday, March 29, 2012

Eyes and Ears Wall

I haven't shown any of our working walls recently so before I took everything down from our Attentiveness unit, I snapped a picture.  I first mentioned our "wall" about three years ago.  It's hard to believe so much time has passed and that I'm still doing it.

A few weeks ago we began studying the ear so after making the crawl through ear, I mounted the big auricle to my kitchen wall and had the kids help me diagram it using construction paper cut to the approximate shape of the inner ear parts.   Then I added the title of the unit with a simple explanation, "Attentiveness is listening closely and watching carefully."

I usually like to include a few quotes with our units as well as interesting fun facts.  Along with the verses in the KONOS book, I went online to Biblegateway and quickly looked up a few verses on listening and hearing, seeing and watching and printed the ones I wanted the kids to remember in really large font.  And because there are so many awesome verses in the Bible and I have such a hard time choosing, I also printed out a list of others for observation and study but not for memorization.  While I was searching on Biblegateway, I noticed that the word listen or some form of the word listen, was found 412 times.  Fun factoid found for my wall!

The week we studied the eye the kids and I worked together to make the huge diagram of the eye.  I was planning to add a bunch of optical illusions but we ran out of time and I only got one on there that I found on Pinterest.  The 3-D hand.

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