Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lego and Photo Challenges

Homeschool On Display, a new website created by a fellow homeschooling mom is the latest exciting webstop I want to share with you and your kids.  Here you will find a weekly photo challenge and a seperate weekly Lego challenge.  The photo challenge is arranged by Allison who is in 5th grade.  Her topic for this week is "colored pencils."  Her 7 year old brother Carson created the Lego challenge.  This week's challenge is "building, house or apartment."

So basically kids can get creative and have a place on the web to display their work.  And best of all, other kids (and parents) who are interested in the same thing will be looking at their creations as well and they will all have this really neat place to share and learn from each other about something they are all interested in.  I can't wait to tell my little guy about the Lego challenge and although I originally hoped my 14yo would be interested in the photo challenge, I think my 6yo dd will better appreciate.  In fact, I know she'll dive right into the photo thing because she is always stealing my camera and taking pictures of all kinds of things for me to find later when I download the pics.  

I know it wouldn't be right for me to wake them up and tell them about it now though.

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