Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wisdom Week 2 of 4

We are halfway through our general unit on Wisdom now and we have moved from focusing on what wisdom is to what wisdom looks like and how it translates into everyday life for all of us at any age.  A portion of the discussion that I was particularly fond of was the time we spent on developing wisdom - it doesn't come all at once but little by little with age - and the reason we show respect to our elders, something not done nearly enough in our country.  We also read some old fables and let the kids make a mosaic of a "wise" animal out of construction paper.

Here's the rundown of our day:
  • Open with prayer and pledge of allegiance.
  • Have kids recite their scripture verses for the week.
  • Discussion - Knowing what behavior to use when and in what situation.  List certain behaviors such as running, yelling, jumping and climbing.  Then discuss whether they are inappropriate or appropriate and when.  Sometimes discussing things that are never appropriate like getting drunk.  (pg 9 act # 25)
  • Discussion - Explain "Wisdom comes with age."  Do some countries demonstrate more respect for their elders than others?  Have kids show ways to demonstrate respect for an elder. (pg 9-10 act # 26)
  • Prayer challenge - Put kids' names in a hat and have each child pull out one name of a person they will pray for every day.  Encourage the children to seek out their prayer partner if they need prayer in a certain area.  All children praying for wisdom for themselves and their special person. (pg 10 act #30)
  • Using card stock and a simply drawn "wise" animal, create a mosaic using bits of construction paper and glue.  (pg 9 act # 22)
  • During the week each child was supposed to be writing down wise instruction received from a parent along with the reason or consequence of that instruction.  At the end of the week we asked them to make two discs with one bit of parental instruction on each and the reason on the bottom.  At co-op photocopy all the discs so that every child has his own discs as well as the discs of the other children.  After the kids share what they wrote and why, have them cut the discs out, hole punch one hole in the top and string them on yarn around their necks.  This is reflective of Proverbs 6:20-23 which was also studied at home during the week.  (pg 10 act # 27 and 31 combined) 

All KONOS activities listed for our co-op are from Volume II - Wisdom. Please feel free to contact me if you have trouble finding one of the activities.

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Thanks for this post Cherylin. I love seeing what other KONOS family's days look like ;o)
Blessings in Christ