Monday, February 7, 2011

Sick with a Silver Lining

This has not been one of my better weekends.  The weather reports were rather erratic on Friday so a baby shower I was planning to attend was postponed until March.  And then two of my kids and I got sick with some kind of flu bug which also prevented our attending a friend's birthday party.  By Saturday night I thought I was going to die or cry.  How could my son with 100 degree fever be bouncing around the house like nothing was wrong while I groaned miserably with no energy on the couch at only 99.6? 
Sunday was even worse with my fever up to 102 and my kids needing constant fever and medicine checks throughout the night.  By 3am I was totally confused as to who I gave what and when.  DS mostly stayed on Children's Tylenol to keep the fever down although occassionally I gave him something for cough and fever.  Fortunately DD's fever never rose above 99 in the night so I just gave her something for her cough which seemed to never give her any rest until she finally managed to fall asleep.  Alka Selzer Plus with a constant bag of cough drops by my side was my preferred combo and still is today, although thank the good Lord, my fever is gone and now I can at least make sense of things.    It all would have been easier if we had just taken our meds at the same time then we'd all have been on the same 4 hour rotation.  But somehow I got us on a schedule that required me to set my alarm to go off every two hours through the night.  OY! 
But there is always a silver lining.  Snowed in and sick with the flu, my family finally agreed to a game of Australian Rails Saturday. 


Anonymous said...

sorry we didn't get to finish it. it seemed to last a long time. i look forward to tryin again but this time i think i will beat you, whahahahahahahahah.....:)

I heart you.

CherylinMA said...

Oh how mysterious! Is that an anonymous love note with a THREAT included? Ha Ha!!!! We shall see Mr. Anonymous!

Isn't my hunny the cutest?