Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Living for the Moment

A conversation came up at our most recent Sanity Session - that's a night out for the ladies to break from the insanity that is sometimes our daily lives and take a moment to destress and gain some more sanity although sometimes I admit the conversations we have are INsane.  We always have a great time.  Usually the evening starts with food and stimulating conversation in the kitchen whether we're passionately debating something political or just reviewing this hilarious thing we call life. You know, the every day stuff like menstruation, having babies, potty training or the boy factor in our homes.  I don't think I will ever understand boys (or men) but I will continue to love them anyway. 

As I was saying, a conversation came up.  This was in the latter part of our evening when some of the early to bedders have gone for the evening and the late nighters have moved to the living room to be more comfortable (and sometimes one or two will invariably doze for a few minutes).  The conversation tends more toward the serious, sentimental or philisophical during this phase of Sanity Session.  So it was during this time that my dear friend Paula announced that too many people are living for the future so much that they are missing the life.  She's right.  This is life.  We are in it, now.  It's time to enjoy the life we're living in and stop waiting for it to begin.  You know, you have a list of things you want or goals you'd like to reach and when that time comes, you'll be happy.  Not that having goals is a bad thing but when do we start focusing so much on our goals that we forget to notice the NOW?  We've heard it before but because of our discussion at sanity session I've been a little more observant of my own daily moments. 

Am I enjoying this moment?  Do my kids think I'm enjoying this moment?  Do they know that I enjoy every moment with them?  What kind of message are they receiving from me right now? 

They weren't cleaning up the lunch dishes like I had asked.  When I came up from switching the wash my 14yo was running around the house with a bird puppet on her hand, making crazy noises while her 8yo brother chased her with an alligator puppet.  So what do you do?  Do you chastise or cherish?  I decided to cherish and redirect.  There is just something wonderful about seeing your kids having a great time TOGETHER, no matter the age difference.  (Hey, now that I think of it, we talked about that too at sanity session...)  It's a fine line we mothers walk. 

I'm going to try a little experiment with this.  Whenever I can, I will post with a cherish moment.  Maybe I can do some kind of linky thing so we can all get together on this.  We'll see.  For now, I'm just living for the moment.


Phyllis said...

I would enjoy that kind of linky.

Kris said...

Then there's the early bedders who move to the living room and nap for two hours! It's pretty sad when I have to read your blog post to find out whaat "we" talked about, lol!

I'm in on a Cherish the Moment Linky, too! I know you're not on Twitter but for those of us that are this would be great, too!